Hello and welcome to my personal portfolio site. This is the first update I've made to this site in well over a year. I cannot believe how busy this last year has been for me. I'm currently working as a front end web developer for Crexendo in Orem, Utah. There is a great deal of new work to show, and I will be updating further very soon. I just need to filter through the material a bit, to make sure I'm in compliance with my non-compete agreement.

Actually this space will be changing drastically over the next little while. I'll be adding a blog section for tutorials, and other development musings. I've worked up a few prototyes of the new website and should be launching it within the next few weeks. There will probably be far more javascript, and less flash, as that's the direction I have been going in for the last little while.

I guess the main purpose of this little update is to test multiple domain tracking, and provide a fresh version of my resume. Feel free to browse around through some of my older work however, as there are some fun actionscript demos and games. As always, if you would like to see some current work in the mean time my email is moc.oiduts-trawets@ttam, or give me a call at 801-450-8794.