Drip Drop is a strategy game developed with Actionscript 3.0. The idea is fairly simple, water droplets fall from a faucet and must be guided to the other end of the pipe. This is the first version of Drip Drop. Version 2.0 is in Development now and should be finished very soon. There are 12 stages in this version, see if you can finish them all.

Smoke Demo

This is just a demonstration of a smoke effect I designed using Actionscript 3.0. Roll the cursor over the logo in the center of the screen to start the demo. Move the mouse around the screen and watch the smoke react. This will open in a new window so you can just close out when you are finished.

Goin' Up

This is a clip of a short animation I made as my senior project for the Arts Tech Certificate at the University of Utah. It was done using Alias' Maya 7.0 software. I handled all elements of production including: Modeling, rigging, lighting, animation, editing, and sound. The full movie is just over two minutes in length. If you would like to see the full version, send me an email and I'll make it happen.